At Twice Exceptional, our philosophy of practice is to provide individualized, research-based Speech, Language and Educational therapy in a fun and functional way.  We believe that therapy needs to be fun and scaffolded for high accuracy, in order to ensure kids can gain confidence and feel empowered to use their speech and language skills in their everyday lives.


[heading style="1"]Who We Are[/heading]

img 3503 0017 199x300 AboutVanessa Sievewright, M.A., CCC-SLP
        Vanessa decided at nine years old she was going to be a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Her young life was shaped by working hard to overcome both Stuttering and Dyslexia.  When Vanessa was in elementary school, speech therapy was in the basement, sitting on a cold metal chair, with four other kids, in a room that doubled as a broom closet.  Even at a young age, Vanessa knew speech therapy could be better, and she promised herself that she would make speech therapy fun and functional.  Other than therapy being boring, the thing that made Vanessa most frustrated was that the speech success she created in the broom closet never seemed to generalize back upstairs to her classroom.  As a result of those experiences, Vanessa created her philosophy of practice, which honors the intelligence of kids, differentiates for learning styles, and makes therapy fun, functional, and empowering.  Vanessa believes empowerment during therapy creates internal motivation in kids, so that they will be more likely to use their speech skills when it counts… with their family, friends and in their everyday life.

Vanessa attended an amazing middle school called The Winston School in Short Hills, New Jersey which specialized in teaching kids with learning challenges.  Winston was an incredible place that was far ahead of its time.  The culture of the school respected each child’s brilliance, giving kids tools for the ways in which their brains work just a little bit differently.  With learning tools in hand, Vanessa attended a college-prep high school that allowed her to refine her skills, play sports and be successful in college.  While completing her undergraduate degree, Vanessa attended the University of Vermont where she graduated with Honors in Psychology with a minor in Communication Sciences.  While completing her thesis, Vanessa had the honor of conducting research in the field of stuttering early in her career with Barry Guitar, PhD., CCC-SLP.

After she graduated, Vanessa wanted to contribute to the system that helped her
be successful.  She decided to work at the oldest co-ed boarding school which
specialized in remediating the academic and social challenges of young adults with
Learning Disabilities.  Vanessa then attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, and
graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.  After
graduate school, she gained extensive experience evaluating and treating people who
stutter through her work at the Center for Stuttering Therapy, where she worked closely
with Patty Walton, M.A., CCC-SLP and Mary Wallace, M.A., CCC-SLP.

Currently, Vanessa is delighted to provide Speech, Language and Educational
Therapy at her office in historic, downtown Louisville. She remains committed to
improving the professional development of other Speech-Language Pathologists, in
order to improve their confidence treating people who stutter and children with learning
differences.  Vanessa provides in-services for school districts, gives presentations at
professional conferences and is creating a variety of professional materials for speech
therapy.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking and snowboarding with her best friend and
husband, Ian.  Ian and Vanessa have been friends since they were fourteen years old.
She also loves riding her horse, Redd, and spending time with her dog Patty, whose
favorite thing is coming to the office to be pet by all of the kids.


Amanda 279x300 AboutAmanda Fransen, B.A. SLPA  

Amanda attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating with a degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.  After graduation, she also completed her Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Certification through the University of Colorado at Boulder.  While completing this certification, Amanda was trained with the Lindamood-Bell Seeing Stars and Visualizing & Verbalizing programs.  She gained experience working in inclusive autism classrooms for the elementary school grades.

Throughout her education and career, Amanda has been able to work with children who have various communication disorders, as well as a wide variety of strengths and challenges in the areas of speech, language, and education.  Amanda has worked in a variety of settings including the Colorado public schools and speech therapy private practices.  Amanda’s specialties are working with children who are on the autism spectrum, Language-based Learning Disabilities and fluency therapy.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys outdoor activities, and she also really loves reading, yoga and attending concerts.