Vanessa and Twice Exceptional first began working with our grandson when he was two years old because of his delayed speech.  He is now five, and she is now working with him again this time for a developmental articulation disorder.  Her professional and very loving treatment is a significant part of why he now has typical speech for his age, and soon will not require additional speech therapy.  Throughout this time he has loved meeting with Miss Vanessa and has enjoyed speech therapy.  We could not be more pleased.

Grant J., Grandparent of a 5 year-old child


Working with Twice Exceptional has been an exceptional experience!  Vanessa is extremely knowledgable and caring.  Vanessa and Amanda provide targeted and engaging therapy for our daughter.

Terry G., Parent of a 10 year-old child


Vanessa and Amanda are positive and enthusiastic.  They make learning fun with a variety of games and activities.  Our son has grown so much!

Teresa B., Parent of a 3 1/2 year-old child


Since our 8 year-old daughter started attending Twice Exceptional, she has shown fantastic progress in reading, writing, spelling and articulation.  She has moved up to grade level and we believe that she is building a strong fundamental learning foundation, which will carry her throughout the rest of her academic life.
Vanessa makes learning fun, and she understands that all children learn differently.  Consequently, she adjusts and utilizes specialized techniques to help our daughter in ways that keep her engaged and that she understands.  Prior to attending Twice Exceptional, our daughter avoided reading, now she looks forward to our “reading time” and we do as well:-)
Karina, Parent of an 8 year-old child


About eight months ago, it became apparent that what we thought was just our child’s manner of speech was in fact impacting her social and emotional growth.  Our daughter was becoming shy and a little withdrawn as people had a hard time understanding what she was saying.  We went to Vanessa and Amanda with the standard fears of parents, “Did we do something wrong?” and “Is our daughter ok?”.  We were reassured that our daughters speech challenges could be overcome through therapy.  Well, six months later, and what a difference!  Our daughter has no problems being understood by her peers or adults.  Her confidence has soared and her social interactions are free of the previous frustrations of being unable to effectively communicate.

Marco & Laura, Parents of 5 year-old child


We can never thank you enough for all the work that you have done with our son.  You are exceptional in how much you care, and how you work with children… You’re truly twice exceptional.

Sara G., Parent of a 5 year-old child


We brought our daughter to speech therapy to work on her /s/ sound.  Twice Exceptional identified other potential concerns, and then developed a program to work on multiple objectives at once.  They also arranged an age appropriate duration for the speech therapy session, so our child would not experience any frustration that could occur if the session was too long.  They took a holistic approach to problem solving multiple challenges.

Bruce B., Parent of a 6 year-old child


They have been wonderful!  From the first meeting when they spent over an hour discussing my child and really getting to know who he was, to the wonderful sessions that my child can’t wait to go to.  I am also looking forward to having them help us navigate the school system next year!

Cynthia F., Parent of a 5 year-old child